Every timepiece created by Brand & Hoffman begins with the study of how

Thought and precise calculation can be seen in each curve of the stainless steel cases. Take your finger and caress the contrasting smooth and rugged textures to feel the expertise of the master artisans tasked with the responsibility of construction.


Brandt & Hoffman takes the extra time with every jewel in every movement so each timepiece owner will beam with pride over their luxury wristwatch. New designs are constantly in development so that the future of Brandt & Hoffman is decided not by the ebbs and flows of commerce, but by the quality of craftsmanship.

Brandt & Hoffman has been at the forefront of captivating watchmaking since the company forefathers began in 1876. The brand has been showered with the most prestigious accolades that the watchmaking world has to offer.

It seems that this sophisticated watch brand has been winning illustrious awards ever since the doors were opened. B&H won their first award in 1883 at the Swiss National Exhibition in Zurich for the fine execution of Roskopf-style watches. In 1886 they won a gold medal at the Brussels Exhibition, and a silver medal in Paris in 1889. Brand & Hoffman then received perhaps their most impressive recognition when they won a Grand Prix at the Swiss National Exhibition in Bernie in 1914.


As the case is with so many great brands, Brand & Hoffman was pushed into the shadows of watchmaking as several groups were unable to capture the magic that lead B&H to its once respected heritage. But as with all aspects of life, the cyclical nature of timepieces has come back in the favor of Brandt & Hoffman.

In 2014, Brandt & Hoffman was proud to announce their reintroduction into the marketplace with renewed passion for distinguished watch innovation. The classic traditions and award-winning heritage of B&H have been remastered and are ready for the world to once again revel in the esteemed style of Brand & Hoffman.


RONDA Movement

Ronda is an established Swiss-based company that has its roots in the Basel region. The company was founded by William Mosset in the area’s Waldenburg Valley in 1946, and is now headquartered in Lausen. Ronda employs the latest manufacturing technologies, and is widely seen as a leading innovator in its international field.

Ronda has been committed to time for decades now. And today is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision electronic watch movements of innovative design. Ronda quartz movements tick away in a vast range of watches from the elegant to the sporty, in the models of numerous fashion brands and in the exclusive timepieces produced for the luxury market sector.